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Are you YACHT or NOT – how do you plan to spend your Jubilee £1?
On a greeting card to Her Majesty? On champagne or a celebration pint? On bunting and flags? Or souvenirs?

A small donation of £1 (or more) from everyone will make a lasting difference – raising funds either for a People’s Yacht for our Queen and the charities of which she is Patron (YACHT Appeal) or for Her Majesty’s charities directly (NOT The Yacht Appeal). A fitting tribute to HM The Queen to mark 60 years of devoted service. (Read More…) .
Please see the Press reports about our appeal and read the Frequently Asked Questions.
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Our aim is to raise £60m for a suitable yacht to replace the Queen’s beloved Britannia and to serve as a fundraising platform for the charities of which the Queen is a patron.

Please give just £1 (or more, if you can) and tell 10 friends about this appeal.

There are hours to go until the Diamond Jubilee weekend of 2-5 June. The Jubilee Yacht Appeal will last until the end of the Jubilee Year (31/12/12). We can only make it happen if we all work together and turn it into a true people’s appeal. Please donate and help.

A bit of history about this appeal:
On internet debating forums so many people came up with the idea or statement “let’s just club together and if everyone gives just £1 we can buy a new Royal Yacht”.

Well – someone had to create the legal facility for people to be able to do just that.
A trusted place where such public donations could be kept safely and without risk or any questions of legitimacy of the appeal until the funds raised could be presented to HM The Queen.
This appeal could not have happened without the help of the Charities Aid Foundation, who supported the appeal team with encouragement, a trusted financial platform and reliable donation tools – they have been wonderful throughout and deserve a big thank you.

The JUBILEE YACHT appeal and the NOT THE YACHT appeal are administered by the Charities Aid Foundation – registered charity number 268369.

See here for donation results so far by country.